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The quality of management consultancy, coaching, mentoring and trainings depends on the quality of those who deliver these services. We are aware of this, and we are convinced that our people belong to the best in class. Our EVOLET Community connects zealous people who diligently take care of their personal growth and continuously improve in their own fields with all their hearts and passion.
We are team players, we initiate, mediate, challenge and we are always one step ahead.

As Einstein once said: “You can’t solve a problem with the same structures of thought that contributed to its creation.”  

Bohuslav Lipovský

the Change architect

Bohuslav leads small and medium sized companies and their executives in various constellations through complex changes, arising from crisis, restructuring, post merger integrations or disintegrations. He focuses on working with private equity funds and family owned businesses and his strength lies in the development of a transformation strategy and leadership of multicultural teams.

He has broad international experience, speaks several languages and was the first Slovak member of The Institute of Management Accountants®.

Ivan Košalko

the strengths enthusiast

Ivan inspires people and develops their professional potential, enabling them to design their best way to work and to live. During 21 years he has worked in various executive and board positions in PPC Insulators Group. Ivan is co-founder and President of The Business Alliance of Slovakia, which is focused on improving quality of business environment.  

His special skills include people development, team coaching and value creation through performance improvement. Ivan is the first Slovak Gallup® Certified Strengths Coach and Enhanced Skills Practitioner of Conversational Intelligence®, Six Sigma Champion and Certified Strategy Management Officer.  

Marian Fabian

the Value creator

As a Team Coaching International certified coach and facilitator, Marian develops leaders across 20 countries and 4 continents. He was founding president of Slovak Chapter of ICF (International Coach Federation), worked  as senior finance executive in CE Region and Balkan, and currently leads a private equity fund in Czech Republic. 

Marian graduated from technical university and obtained MBA degree from Open University Business School, Milton Keynes, UK

Václav Cejthamr

the redesign driver

Václav concentrates on organization and business development, growth strategies and e-commerce. He led Czech branches of top international organizations, including Polaroid, Konica Minolta, Wella or Quarzwerke.
He is a dynamic and result driven leader with comprehensive and diverse experience in Sales, Marketing and R&D.
He also regularly gives lectures in executive MBA courses at the University of Economics and has written books and articles about Managerial Behavior. 

Bob Spence

THE business development specialist

Bob specializes in business development skills including development of sales models, referral marketing and rainmaking strategies. He has built his sales reputation by results qualifying for the Million Dollar Round Table award for sales excellence in financial services. He was also the lead in a multi-million dollar software transaction with the Pakistan State Post Office.
Prior to these major sales achievements he was a trainer within Barclays Bank International, accredited as an ILM lecturer holding a teaching certificate. Bob is author of the ILM endorsed ‘Executive Programme in Professional & Business Networking’

Eva Gaborik

the multicultural mediator

Eva is our #1 solution when it comes to multi-cultural communication, coaching of international executives, cross-cultural working processes settlement and diversity management. 
With awards and certifications from USA, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and other countries, she is the most respected authority on the CE market being present on many conferences and special events.

Pavel Hrivnák

THe finance trainer

Pavel spent his life in Big4 companies as director, up till the moment he decided to focus his life on training and development of finance professionals. 
He is the solution when it comes to financial management, management accounting, IFRS and complex financial topics, whether it's training, consulting or hand-on support. 

Robert Jeakins

THE Factory maximizer

Robert was formally trained in manufacturing turnaround by a UK consultancy owned by an Automotive, Aerospace and Electronics manufacturing company (55,000 employees, 150 factories). It achieved a world class reputation for effectiveness and ‘step change’ improvement programmes. From then on these methods have become accepted as best practice in the consulting world.
Taking this experience Robert was sent to Czech in 1994 to make a new, completely ‘lean’ T1 automotive factory. Since then he has successfully ‘directed, transformed, crisis managed’ small, large and multi-site factories with up to 1650+ people and their supply chains.
Robert fixes factories internationally (from top to bottom) and makes them work to maximises profit. 

our guru's

Georg Kraus

der  stratege

Georg is the pulse of the whole international team, an outstanding strategist who lives his dreams and is driven by a passion for entrepreneurial spirit and change. There is no standstill in his vocabulary, he is constantly pushing the boundaries of the ordinary and designing solutions that convince with their combination of simplicity, creativity and incorruptible logic.

Alexander Pifczyk

der befähiger

Alexander is known for not getting upset. Leaning back on his enormous experience, he tackles every challenge with confidence. He develops solutions without agitation and never loses his special mixture of courtesy and humor.

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