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We are a premium provider of consulting and training services in the field of change management and strategy development.



#WeMakeChange already for years and we are proud of it !

We offer a half-day analysis in which we'll review your project with regard to the effects your change case will have on the overall system. 

Based on the model obtained from this review, we'll discuss the situation with you and give our initial advice and recommendations about what needs to change and what can remain. Is it a question of corporate culture, or is it a structural change that is required to achieve organizational development? Perhaps your strategy needs just little adjustment?
We specialize in change management and can help you find out exactly where you're going wrong.

Even the cleverest change architecture is of no use if people are not committed to it. This is where we come in and do everything what is necessary so that people understand the sense of urgency of the change. We eliminate obstacles and get stakeholders involved. It ensures that messages are heard as well as understood. 



Given our senior managerial experience we know exactly what kind of trainings really works and we spare your employees from boring universal sessions.

Of course, the provision of skills to employees and managers is an essential component of our work, whether you're looking for standard training courses, special curriculum tailored to your needs or the teaching of ad-hoc skills in the context of specific change projects.

It is important to us that our training sessions not only convey content and methodological skills, but are exciting and fun. At the same time, we maintain proximity to the occupational context of the group in question and make every effort to anchor what we have taught in the organization.

The empowerment of employees is an important building block in your change process.



A personal coach does focus on you and only you as a human, as a unique personality. Finding and developing your strengths is key for your future success.

The first use of the term "coach" in connection with an instructor or trainer arose around 1830 in Oxford University slang for a tutor who "carried" a student through an exam.

The word "coaching" thus identified a process used to lead people from where they are to where they want to be.

Drawing on our long term senior managerial experience and premiere coaching certifications, we focus on you as an individual and support you on your change journey.

But do not be afraid, before that we take our time, listen, question, clarify, understand and sensitively restate the status quo, because we respect that each individual is unique and there is no universal solution..

by mentoring

The only thing I regret is not having a mentor earlier in my life.

Whether you need individual or team training, there is usually a specific challenge to be worked on. Shedding light on a situation from different perspectives can help to find the desired solution, as can skilful questioning. Based on your jumping-off point, we'll collaborate with you to decide what are most important priorities in regard to your leadership development.
We are close at hand and will find the right mentor for your change opportunity.

As we see it, mentoring is along with coaching an essential component in the personal development of the employees and a, because the experience is invaluable. Our mentors have a background in systemic approaches, they are well educated and continue to learn and have long-standing technical and leadership experience.


Crises, conflicts, strife and bad atmospheres are not uncommon when people are required to work together. Often, change projects come to a standstill because of a deadlock in the relationships.

Mediation refers to the settlement of a conflict between two or more parties by means of mediators. These mediators moderate the conflict from an objective perspective and try to achieve a settlement that completely or at least partially satisfies by means of psychological or legal methods. Our experts have a wealth of experience, from the team level right up to negotiations with trade unions/labor associations or project participants.

It is important to recognize that the settlement of disputes cannot be "commanded". In a similar vein, it is often the case that disciplinary measures are an entirely or almost entirely unrealistic option if the parties occupy managerial positions, are in critical positions within the organization or possess essential knowledge.

Without a resolution of conflicts, however, the business cannot function. All processes will come to a standstill and nothing will move forward.



A good moderator is able to achieve the best possible result from the resources available

For us, the above-mentioned in-house resources are usually people who should participate to as great an extent as possible in a discussion or workshop. A good moderator is accepted quickly, understands the concerns of his or her target group, recognizes the personal qualities of the participants and moderates them according to a group dynamics process with the aim of achieving the desired result or a result which has been intentionally left open.

In change processes, the moderator is the real joker on the team. They intervene when conversations become frayed or ideas turn into blind "actionism". They moderate through lulls and help to straighten out emotional moments. Even in top management workshops or project meetings, our moderators are always perceived as an asset.

For large groups, we offer beneficial formats such as World Café, Open Space or Real Time Strategic Change.