We enable people and organizations to identify their future opportunities and support them through changes.

... or everything remains as it is ...

We Make Change

We are a provider of premium services in the field of strategy development and change management.

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Our clients rely on us to develop a change concept and have a highly qualified consultant in place within days. Our partners are former Board Members, Managing Directors, Mentors or Coaches,  with broad management, consulting and mentoring experience. They possess the necessary skills to prepare an individual solution for you and accompany you or your employees on your change journey.

We make change

For more than 15 years we support people and organizations in developing their full potential, with fun and commitment, with heart and mind, on an international level.

only senior level consultants

We are not a typical hierarchical consultancy. Each one of our consultants has at least 15 years of professional experience in his field and offers a unique combination of expert know how and first grade soft skills.


We believe that people make the difference. They are the ones who drive innovation, embrace change and adopt new ways of thinking. They are the ones who lead the change.

continuous education and training

Ongoing international training and supervision by an international quality committee ensures the quality of our work and makes it possible for us to offer you the greatest possible added value.


For us, companies are not just complex machines. What really makes a company stand out is the people who work there. Even in the event of difficult decisions, we still consider humanity as our central point in dealing with each other. 

global reach

Our global reach through partnership with Dr. Kraus und Partner enables us to find the right solution wherever in the world you may be located.


For more than 30 years, DR. KRAUS & PARTNER have been developing management consulting knowledge and strategies in the field of change management and strategy development. Today, Dr. Kraus & Partner is among the leading consulting and training companies in the change management field.

EVOLET Partners is the official Partner of DR. KRAUS & PARTNER for the CE Region


We have the solution to your change challenge. Always.

We rely on the knowledge and capability of our consultants, mentors, coaches, trainers, interim and permanent managers and on the agility of our accelerated executive search teams.

And we do not make any difference among us.
We call us The EVOLET Community

Consulting, Training, Coaching, Mentoring, Conflict Resolution.
Interim Management, Accelerated Executive Search.